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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

While SEO gets you the best result in the long-term, you also have to take care of the short-term results, and this is achieved through Pay-Per-Click Advertising. PPC puts you right in front of your potential customers based on certain keywords typed into search engines. Moreover, you only get to pay for the web searchers who click on your ads. A click via PPC is a click from a potential customer, which translates to a greater chance of success for your business. While we mainly manage Google Ads campaigns, our West Palm Beach digital advertising agency is capable of doing other PPC platforms as well, such as Bing.

  • Initial Account Creation
    If you do not have an account already, we will set one up for you with all the correct settings.
  • Negative Keyword List Creation
    Based on client preference and keyword performance, we will constantly add keywords that should be excluded in campaigns.
  • Keyword Discovery
    As a West Palm Beach digital advertising and PPC agency, Adaptable Digital Solutions LLC will look for new keywords and search phrases for your current campaigns.
  • Keyword Bid Optimization
    To get the most out of your campaigns, we will continuously monitor keyword performance and make the necessary adjustments to maximize Return on Investment.
  • Search Ad Optimization
    In order to ensure best performance of your ads, we replace low-performance ads with new ad versions more similar to high-performing ads.
  • Geotargeting Bid Optimization
    To help control spending, our pay-per-click team will make bid adjustments based on Zip Code, City, State, and Country.
  • Device Bid Optimization
    To get the most out of your campaigns, we will optimize bids based on the platform (phone, tablet, PC, etc.).
  • Ad Display Time Optimization
    The Pay-Per-Click team at Adaptable Digital Solutions will monitor your campaigns and adjust when the ad will be displayed based on past performances.

Learn More About Google Ads

We encourage you to visit the Google Ads homepage to get more familiar with the platform so you can decide if this is the correct avenue for your business at this time. Adaptable Digital Solutions LLC wants to make sure that you have all the information needed to make a big decision such as starting up a Google Ads campaign.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Paid Social Media Ads

Billions of people use social media every day. For your business, that’s a lot of potential customers. We will help you run paid Facebook and LinkedIn advertisement campaigns to maximize your business exposure.

Social Media Account

Our West Palm Beach digital advertising and paid social team handles Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram posting for clients across the US and Canada, which allows them to efficiently interact, manage, and connect with their customers. 

Content Marketing

In need of content for your website, blog and/or social media? We offer content writing services at an additional fee. We charge on a per page basis. 

Want to Know More?

Social Media Marketing can be tough and time consuming, Let Adaptable Digital Solutions take over your social media accounts so you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Other Services Offered

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